Sikkim shows the world with bamboo water bottles


Sikkim was the first state in India to curb plastic usage and Lachen was notably the first town in the state to have a complete ban on plastic drinking bottles. After many years of ban, the tourist town of Lachen is now introducing bamboo water bottles in place of other water bottles.

Lachen is 129 km from Gangtok.  About a lakh tourist flock this Himalayan town to see the snow-capped hills and the beauty around. The Lachen authorties decided to ban plastic water bottles as tourists left behind hundreds of such bottles in the town. And now, the authorities are introducing bamboo water bottles, which is eco friendly. These bottles are sourced from Assam.

The bottles made from Bamboo will be launched during the lachen Losar festival. The town officials have ordered 1000 bottles in the first phase.

Lachen was a town of apple growers. Over the years, there were fewer apple growers as the younger generation opted for government jobs or choose other jobs. At this time, tourism boomed and several hotels and restaurants came up in the town. Lachen’s Pipon (village head man) Gyatso Lachen pa said that the drive against plastic started much earlier and a complete ban came up in 2011. Gyatso Lachenpa said that plastic carry bags were banned in 2018.


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