Sikh service at time of Corona

Coronavirus has spread its wings all over the world and people are trying to help each other in all ways. The Sikh community, who are always known for their service, have now taken a different modus operandi in the UK, Australia and Canada.

They have started delivering Langar (Free food) at the doorstep of those who are in need. Melbourne and a few parts of Adelaide have already seen the good Samaritans. Langar is served in the Gurudwaras. But with people in house quarantine with the spread of coronavirus, the community has decided to deliver langar at the doorsteps.

The Sikh Volunteers Asia (SVA) already started the service in Melbourne on March 18 and will continue till April 1. The SVA said that they were helping the old, sick and the needy people who are in isolation. They said that they get about 200 to 300 calls a day and they deliver food for all the needy. In their website, people can order for langar in the localities of their choice by 12 noon. The volunteers deliver the food between seven and eight in the evening.

In Melbourne north, the Khalsa foundation provides a similar langar for the sick, old and the needy. They provide food in almost all parts of Melbourne.    In Adelaide, the Sikh community is providing free Tiffin service for the students who are also in need of help.  The Sikh community in Canada also provides similar facility to students in that country. Students from all communities utilise the service.



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