Showing more love is related to psychological well-being

It is natural that your partner will be expecting you to be romantic and passionate all the day. But you cannot show the love all the day and be a romantic hero as in the novels you read, whatever you try.

Because it all depends on your psychological well-being not just the physical fitness or desire to be so.

Feelings of love throughout the day are connected with psychological well-being, according to a team of researchers led by two Penn State Institute for Computational and Data Sciences (ICDS) researchers. Psychological well-being includes feelings of purpose and optimism.

They also found that people with higher felt love tended to have higher extraversion personality scores, while people with lower felt love scores were more likely to show signs of neuroticism.

Overall sense of being loved increased or feeling romantic increased with improvements in psychological well-being, the researchers said while pressing for more efforts to improve the psychological well-being.

“Just by paying attention to those everyday moments of felt love, we may also increase our awareness of the overall positive aspects of love in our daily lives. This effect replicates in both studies, implying that raising awareness of felt love in day-to-day life may itself be an intervention that raises levels of felt love over a longer period of time,”according to the researchers.



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