Sex work; it is a woman’s choice

It is a women’s body and she has all the right to make a decision, read a Bombay High Court order that said sex work was a woman’s choice. In a landmark order, the High Court order said that there was no provision under law that makes prostitution a criminal offence.

An adult woman had the right to choose her vocation, the High Court said when a case of detention of three women sex workers came before it. It also ordered the release of the three women, who were arrested and sent to a corrective centre.

However, the court maintained last month that seducing any person for the purpose of prostitution or running a brothel was illegal. But the court pointed out that prostitution was not a criminal offence under the law.

The police picked the three women from a guest house during a raid last year. After the three women were sent to the correctional centre, the mothers and legal guardians of the three approached the magistrate’s court for their release from the centre. However, the Court declined to give their custody to their guardians.

When the case came up before the High Court, it set aside the order of the magistrate court and ordered the release of the three women from the correction centre.  The three women were adults and had the right to choose their own vocation and free to move.


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