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Sex is safe during Corona lock down


Social distancing is what makes us all safe at times of Corona. But for many the doubt of transmission of the virus through sex still persists. An international study by the researchers at the University of Utah revealed that sex is safe during coronavirus lockdown.

The virus is transmitted through a simple cough but does not transmit through the sperm, the international study said. The study published in Fertility and Sterility said that they had examined the semen of Chinese men who had the disease. However, the semen of these Chinese men did not have the virus that causes coronavirus. The US and Chinese teams led the study after concerns were raised that the virus would be transmitted sexually as like Zika, Ebola and other viral pathogens.

The researchers noted that If COVID-19 was sexually transmittable, it would have far reaching implications for disease prevention. It could also have serious consequences for a man’s long-term reproductive health, research co-author Dr James M Hotaling was quoted.

The researchers said that the result was only based on a small study and noted that the chance of infecting through sex was remote. The study was done in patients with mild Covid 19 attacks, Hotaling said. He also mentioned that men who are critically ill could have higher viral load and there was a likelihood of infecting the semen. But there is no answer to this right now, he added.



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