Several countries ignored early Covid warnings: German Think Tank

Some countries reported less number of coronavirus cases and deaths while some others reported a higher number of cases and deaths. Well, the German Institute for Defense and Strategic Studies, a military think tank, said that many of the countries did not pay much attention to the early warnings of coronavirus outbreak.

The crisis clearly showed that several countries, depending on their political cultures, partially ignored or even denied early warning signals, said Christian Haggenmiller, a doctor with German Institute for Defense and Strategic Studies and the World health Organisation

Haggenmiller mentioned the United States as the best example among countries of having neglected the early warnings. The US has vast resources for early detection of detection of any health hazard. Despite knowing the developments in a timely manner, the US government did not give priority to it, Haggenmiller said.

He said that there were numerous warning signals about the pandemic. However, it was for the political leadership to act upon these warnings and come up with measures to tackle the situation, he added.

He also mentioned that the decision makers would sometimes ignore warnings because of the abundance of alarms.

oronavirus cases have exceeded three million with about a third in the United States.


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