Send selfie in home quarantine or will be shifted to mass quarantine centre


If in home quarantine, you have to send selfie every hour. If not, you are going to end up in the government provided mass quarantine. This ultimatum is from the government of Karnataka.

The government took this step after it was found that people in home quarantine did not abide by the rules of quarantine. They roamed about in the neighbourhood, which is considered to be a risk.

Karnataka Medical Education Minister K Sudhakar said that every person on quarantine should sent selfie every hour except the time of sleeping (10 pm to 7 am). Those who default would be shifted to the government created mass quarantine, he added.

The government has devised a GPS coordinate-based mechanism to track persons under home quarantine. The persons in quarantine have to send selfies to the monitoring team to ensure they are following isolation norms. The selfie has GPS coordinates and as such the location of the sender will be known. The government photo verification team verifies the selfie. If the person sends a wrong photo, the defaulters will be shifted to mass quarantine facility.




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