Second Covid wave has shaken India; Modi

Second Covid wave has shaken India; Modi

Stating that the second wave of Covid has shaken the Country, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi warned the people not to fall prey to rumours about Vaccine.

“It is my appeal that don’t get swayed by any rumour about the vaccine. You all must be knowing that  people above 45 years of age can benefit from the free vaccine that has been sent to all state governments by the government of India,”  he said. Modi made the remarks while addressing the country during the ‘Mann Ki Baat’ on Sunday, April 25.  


He noted that every person above 18 years in the country would get the vaccine from May 1, “I also want to say that the programme of free vaccine by the government of India that is going on now will continue further too. I appeal also to the states to extend the benefit of this free vaccine campaign of government of India to maximum number of the people of their state,” he said.


Modi also extended his support to the States in their fight against the pandemic. “The Government of India is applying its entire might to give a fillip to the endeavours of State Governments. The State Governments too are trying their best to fulfil their responsibilities,” he said.

Further, the prime Minister said, “I had long deliberations with experts from myriad sectors. People from our Pharma industry, vaccine manufacturers, those connected with oxygen production, experts from the medical field have put forth their valuable suggestions to the government. This time, for emerging victorious in this battle, we have to accord priority to expert and scientific advice.”

During the Mann Ki Bath on Sunday, the prime Minister interacted with doctors, nurses and even ambulance driver to get a feel of the present situation of Covid 19 pandemic. He talked to Dr Shashank Joshi from Mumbai, who was the Dean of the Indian College of Physicians. He also talked to Dr Naveed Nazeer Shah, a professor at a Government Medical College in Srinagar.

Apart from the doctors, the prime Minister also talked to Bhavana Dhruv, a Nurse at B R Ambedkar Medical College in Raipur. h also talked to Senior Nursing Officer in  KC General Hospital Surekha. Prem Verma, who is an Ambulance Driver, also got the chance to talk to the Prime Minister during the Mann Ki Bath programme.


In his speech, Prime Minister Modi mentioned that the country was once again united and fighting against Corona. “The country is working day and night for hospitals, ventilators and medicines. The countrymen are also fighting the challenge of Corona with a lot of heart. This resolve gives us so much strength, so much confidence. Whatever efforts are being made are of great service to the society. They strengthen the power of society,” he said.

He also urged the people to get vaccination. “Dawaibhi, Kadaibhi’ – Get vaccinated and maintain all precautions. Never forget this mantra. We will soon prevail together over this calamity,” he said.


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