Sea weed fuels to be a game changer

Sea weed

Sea weeds are mainly harvested for cosmetics and even for consumption. Well, a new study has come out showing that sea weeds can be used as fuel for powering vehicles. In the age of pollution and high demand for bio fuels, the conversion of sea weed into fuels is considered a welcome notenotes ea .

Scientists in Denmark have recently stated that they used a fuel derived from sea weed that had powered an automobile that reached speeds of 80 kmph. On the experiment used by the fuel derived from sea weed, leader of the research team Jaap van Hal told the media that they were experimenting on the efficiency of the bio fuel and also to see if the fuel was working in the same way that ordinary fuel works and the effects of this sea weed derived fuel on the motors.

The researchers used the fuel from the sea weed in a motor vehicle and test driven in the city of Aarhus. The project was part of an EU funded project named Macro Fuels.

About four tonnes of seaweed cultivated near Oban was used as raw material for the project. They were died up and then were transported to Denmark where the sea weed was converted into fuel.

After the test drive, the scientists said that the test drive was promising and the fuels derived from sea feed almost behaved like conventional fuels.


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