Scientists concerned over fast melting of the largest ice shelf


The World’s largest ice shelf is believed to be melting ten times faster than the overall average, which has raised concern over the increase of sea level. Scientists have come out with the tragic truth that the Rose Ice Shelf, which comes to the size of France is fast melting because of sea warming.

The scientists who experimented on the Rose Ice Shelf found that the northwest sector of the Antarctica shelf has started melting at a fast pace. The research was conducted by a team of scientists from the University of Cambridge. They had undergone four years of research before coming to the conclusion that the Rose Ice Shelf is melting at an alarming speed.

The scientists used various methods like measuring the temperature, melt rates, salinity, and ocean currents. They also used radar to check the changes in the thickness of the ice shelf.

The researchers have found that the surface ocean temperature has an impact on ice shelves. With the earth getting warmer and the oceans are bound to get even warmer, the scientists believe that the melting is only going to be severe in the coming years.

Stating that the ice shelf was now stable, they fear that it is not long that the condition could change. It has been found that the warm water from the surface was now flowing into a cavity near the point where the ice shelf pushes against the Rose Island. If the pressure at this point is reduced, the scientists say that there is a chance that the Rose Ice Shelf becomes unstable.

Ice shelves are real barriers that prevent the water from the glaciers to drain to the ocean that prevents the sea from rising.


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