School Closure world over to have negative impact; UNESCO

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The UNESCO has warned that school closures because of coronavirus impact was harmful as it interrupts learning, increases drop outs and social isolation.

UNESCO says that the children do not get the opportunities for development and growth when schools are closed. This leads to interrupted learning. This would be bad for under-privileged learners who will only have fewer opportunities.

On the Nutrition aspect, the UN organisation said that nutrition is compromised when schools are closed. Most of the children rely on free or discounted meals. The UNESCO also warned that parents with limited education and resources will find it difficult to teach their children at home.

School closures also led to unequal access to digital learning portals and also develop gaps in childcare. The World Body also says that it could have an economic impact on the family. The parents are likely to miss the work as they have to look after the children at home. Another impact of school closure is the increase of school dropouts. The UNESCO says that it is going to be a challenge to get back the children to school after a long gap.

Moreover, school closure also meant Social isolation as schools are centres of social activity. When they are closed, children miss this opportunity, the UNESCO said.



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