Sasthamkotta Lake: Exploring the Pristine Waters and Lush Surroundings

Sasthamkotta Lake: Exploring the Pristine Waters and Lush Surroundings

Nestled amidst scenic hills and lush green valleys, Sasthamkotta Lake in Kerala’s Kollam district awaits eager visitors with its serene beauty. As the largest freshwater lake in the region, it has earned recognition as a Ramsar site, protected under the Ministry of Environment, Forests, and Climate Change. Blessed with rich biodiversity, the lake harbors diverse flora and fauna, including various trees, herbs, shrubs, butterflies, dragonflies, and wetland birds.


The exceptional purity of Sasthamkotta Lake is attributed to the presence of a unique larva, known as cavaborus, which efficiently eliminates harmful microbes. Unlike many other water bodies, this lake is free from salt, minerals, and metals, making it an ecological treasure. Additionally, the lake is known for hosting approximately 27 species of freshwater fish, further enhancing its ecological significance.


Located just 29 km away from Kollam, Sasthamkotta is not only a sanctuary for nature lovers but also a renowned pilgrimage center. The ancient Sastha temple is a significant attraction, drawing devotees and tourists alike. The temple premises are home to friendly monkeys, adding to the charm of the place. Visitors often enjoy feeding these playful creatures and capturing memorable photographs against the picturesque backdrop of the lake.


For nature enthusiasts and environmental advocates, Sasthamkotta offers a truly remarkable experience. The scenic surroundings provide ample opportunities for breathtaking photographs, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the pristine natural beauty. Exploring the area also reveals inspiring initiatives by local collectives dedicated to conserving the lake and its ecosystem. As such the visit makes it an educational journey in environmental conservation.

Recognizing the lake’s importance, the Kerala state government devised a comprehensive Conservation and Management Action Plan (MAP) in 1999. This plan is aimed at ensuring the sustainable utilization and preservation of the lake’s ecological balance for generations to come.

Sasthamkotta Lake stands as a shining example of unspoiled beauty and ecological purity. Its peaceful ambiance, combined with its spiritual significance, makes it a popular destination for both devotees and nature enthusiasts. A visit to this pristine waterbody not only allows you to witness its breathtaking charm but also serves as a reminder of the urgent need for environmental conservation and responsible stewardship of our natural treasures.

Getting there

Nearest Railway Station: Kollam, about 29 km

Nearest Airport: Trivandrum International Airport, about 71 km

DTPC Kollam

Ph: + 91 474 2745625, 2750170

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