Sanjana breaks the taboo in MP


When transgender people still remain a taboo in India, the state of Madhya Pradesh has broken the taboo by providing a government job to a transgender. Sanjana Singh, 36, joined service as personal secretary to director of social justice and disabled persons welfare in the state.

Her appointment is historic as she is the first transgender to get a government job in the state. She joined Duty on March 1, 2020.

Sanjana from Ashoka Garden area left her family when she was just 15 because of social stigma. She then joined a transgender group.

She quit studies after Class XII. Sanjana was also the first para legal volunteer of the District Legal Authority. As member of the Lok Adalat, she heard pending cases along with the judge.

After the appointment, Sanjana told the media that the government has taken a good step. She hoped that people of her community would get better jobs from now onwards. She said that her community has got some kind of approval in the society now. She also said that awareness should be created in the society about transgender, which could break all the barriers.



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