Sachin Tendulkar, at 47, scores another 100

Sachin Tendulkar at 47 has scored yet another 100. But this time it is not on the ground with exploding sixes. He scored a perfect 100 for his noble attitude of not celebrating his birthday, but paying tributes to the frontliners who are spearheading the battle against the corona virus.

He is the one man whom millions of people adore whether it on or off the ground. He has shown it again why people love and adore him, as he turned 47 today.

A man, who had been busy day and night, in and out for decades, has adjusted and accepted the reality, staying home and staying safe like a law-abiding citizen, though he still could have managed his way out and celebrate his birth day at least with a few things of his choice.

But, the perfect cricketer has a perfect style. The man who gives 100 percent to his game, who has made 100 of 100s on the ground again deserves 100 marks for his attitude.

He was quoted saying that it was not the time for celebrations. Instead he wanted to pay the best tribute he can pay to all the doctors, nurses, paramedics, policemen, defence personnel, who are at the frontline.

The God of Cricket is spending the lockdown with cooking, cleaning the house, watering plants, spending time with family and kids and doing just everything like any other loving husband, caring dad and loyal son.

“ There is no pressure of meetings and stepping out of home is an absolute no-no. Sleeping well, going to the gym, a leisurely breakfast, a lunch of my choice and then it’s time for some family entertainment. My mother must be the happiest seeing her son and grandchildren away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. As a family, we are doing those simple things—watching TV serials, playing games and eating together—things that we otherwise tend to miss quite regularly,” he was quoted saying by the media recently.

The iconic batsman also is strongly batting for the lockdown, by sticking to the social distancing and other norms set by the government. He even tried many things including a hair-do what he termed as a `hair cut instead of square cut.’

The leading run-getter in international cricket, who debated at the age of 16, retired in 2013, after setting many records including 100 international centuries.



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