Russia, NATO and a Global Catastrophe

Wagner Group and Russian’s Takeover of Bakhmut

Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned of global catastrophe if any direct contact or direct clash of NATO troops with the Russian army. Addressing media in Kazakhstan’s capital Astana, Putin said, “In any case, direct contact, direct clash of (NATO) troops with the Russian army is a very dangerous move which could lead to a global catastrophe. I hope that those who are saying this are smart enough not to take such a step.”

This is not the first time that Putin is making such a threat. Earlier the president warned that he would use nuclear weapons to defend Russian territory after annexing four regions of Ukraine last month, a move which the UN this week condemned.

Putin also claimed he had no regrets about invading Ukraine. 


NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg said that the organisation would further step up support for Ukraine, while strengthening the Alliance’s defence and deterrence and working to increase the protection of critical infrastructure.

After a two-day meeting of Defence Ministers, the secretary general on October 13 said NATO is not party to the conflict, but that Allies will continue to support Ukraine for as long as it takes.

To further enhance Ukrainian defences, the Secretary General announced that NATO will soon provide Ukraine with hundreds of drone jammers for use against Russian and Iranian drones. Addressing Russia’s recent nuclear threats, the Secretary General made clear that President Putin’s nuclear rhetoric is dangerous and irresponsible and that any use of nuclear weapons by Russia would have “severe consequences”.


The Group of Seven (G7) nations has warned that the use of nuclear weapons on Ukraine will have severe consequences.

Leaders of G7 states (the UK, Germany, Italy, Canada, the US, France, and Japan) said, “We deplore deliberate Russian escalator steps, including the partial mobilization of reservists and irresponsible nuclear rhetoric, which is putting global peace and security at risk. We reaffirm that any use of chemical, biological or nuclear weapons by Russia would be met with severe consequences.”


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