Russia Is Enemy and A Threat: Americans

What do the Americans think about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine? Majority of Americans (about 70 per cent) consider Russia an enemy of their country, which is up from 41 per cent in January. Only seven per cent of US adults have an overall favourable opinion of Russia, according to a new Pew Research Centre survey.

The survey conducted March 21-27 also finds that only six per cent express confidence in Russian president Vladimir Putin. In contrast, 72 per cent have confidence in Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.


With respect to NATO, 67 per cent of the Americans express a favourable opinion of the organisation. Meanwhile, 69 per cent say the US benefits a great deal or a fair amount from being a NATO member. While both Democrats and Republicans (including those who lean to each party) hold largely positive views about NATO and US membership in the organization,


When 70 per cent of the US call Russia an enemy, 24 per cent prefer to call Russia a competitor of the US. Merely three per cent of Americans see Russia as a partner, down from seven per cent two months ago. A majority of the youngest adults agree that Russia is an enemy (59 per cent), More educated Americans also likely name that country an enemy – 77% of those with a postgraduate degree say this, while roughly two-thirds of both those with some college education and those with a high school degree or less education say the same.


Overall, 64 per cent of Americans say that Russia’s power and influence is a major threat to their country. However, the survey found 30 per cent saying it was a minor threat and only five per cent say they are not a threat. Majorities of adults in all age groups see the country as a significant threat, but this view is even more common among adults ages 65 and older (70 per cent vs. 57 per cent among those ages 18 to 29).

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