Rushina, a supermom, who fed five babies to life

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Rushina is a real supermom of Gujarat now and has proved to the world that humanity is a million times worth than any other thing. Coming to know about the need to have breast milk for five pre mature babies, she donated 12 litres of breast milk and saved the lives of the tiny tots.

A teacher by profession, twenty nine year old Rushina had given birth to a baby in September. Apart from feeding her own child, she realised that she could feed other babies and told her father about this. Her father then found out that Arpan Newborn Care Center had a breastmilk bank. The care centre run by Dr Ashish Mehta had recently started the breast milk bank as part of a pilot project this year.

The babies weighing 600 grams to 1.5 kilograms were in need of breast milk but their mothers could not provide the milk as they were either too week or medically at risk. And it is here Rushina’s breast milk came as a saviour top these babies.

She was formerly an event manage and had only recently shifted to teaching profession. Arpan Mothers Own Milk Bank has been receiving breast milk from early this year. About 250 mothers have been donating breast milk to the centre. It has been said that the centre has received about 90 litres of breast milk and has been able to feed about 600 children.


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