RSS and its role in nation building in University syllabus to create uproar


In a controversial move that has invited criticism from some quarters, the Nagpur University has introduced the history of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh in its History ( BA second year) syllabus. The chapter on RSS dwells on the Sangh’s history and the role it played in nation building.

It is not the first time that RSS history is being introduced in the university. The Sangh’s history is already taught for post graduation course. While the University authorities are reported to have claimed that RSS and its role in nation building was introduced in the Degree level as the same has been already been taught at the University in MA. As a prelude to the MA students on the topic, the topic was introduced in the BA now, they claimed.

Meanwhile, the Congress has come out against the University, alleging that it was unfortunate that the university has introduced such a topic in the syllabus. They also accused the University of promoting the Sangh ideology. They also alleged that everyone knew what role the RSS had during the freedom struggle and how they had. The congress also alleged that the RSS was an organisation that had opposed the Constitution and even had refused to have the tricolour in its headquarters for 52 long years. “So what is that they have done in history and what nation building exercise has been executed by them is a question,” the congress leaders asked.

The National Students Union of India, who had met the Vice Chancellor and demanded withdrawal of the syllabus, are for launching wide spread agitation.

The introduction of a chapter exclusively for the RSS is likely to create much uproar in the coming days.


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