Rosie Turns out Rocket every 20 Days

Rosie Turns out Rocket every 20 Days

We all know Robots and its incredible usage in space explorations. The robot “Rosie” recently gained popularity after a short video in the twitter showed the robot with a description saying that the robot turns out a new Rocket every 20 days.

Rosie, the robot belonging to Rocket labs is always working on building rockets. Rocket Labs CEO and founder Peter Back described in the tweet that one rocket was rolling off the assembly line every 20 days.


Rocket Lab is a company like SpaceX and Blue Origin. The company uses reusable rockets to put satellites into orbit. It is a private American aerospace manufacturer and small satellite launch service provider. Its mission is to enable companies, students, scientists, researchers, governments and entrepreneurs alike to get their ideas to orbit.

The Rocket Lab first developed a sub-orbital sounding rocket named Atea. They now operate a lightweight orbital rocket called Electron. This rocket provides dedicated launches for smallsats and CubeSats. They are also developing a new medium-lift launch vehicle named Neutron.

Peter Beck founded the company in New Zealand in 2006. It is now head-quartered in California in the United States. Rocket Lab began to develop reusable first stage technology in 2018. In December 2019, they flight tested the re-entry technology. They were able to decelerate the rocket and successfully bring it through the space-to-dense-atmosphere transition.

In March 2020, the company announced that it had acquired Sinclair Interplanetary, a Canadian manufacturer of components for small satellites, Rocket Lab said that it will use Sinclair technology on its Photon line of small satellite buses, and that it would help Sinclair increase production of small satellite components for sale to other firms.


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