Rooftops to be power houses in Kerala

Soon the rooftop of government buildings in Kerala will be converted into power houses with the state government deciding to install solar panels in the buildings to tap conventional energy.

The Agency for Non Conventional Energy and Rural technology (ANERT) , which is implementing the project, will be starting the project in five departments from January 1, 2020. As a first step solar panels would be installed in buildings and vacant places of the Kerala Water Authority. A memorandum of Understanding was recently signed between ANERT and KWA in this regard.

As part of the agreement reached, it is estimated that 13.55 KW of power would be generated. ANERT would install solar panels in 36 acres of vacant land of the KWA at Moongilmada in Palakkad and is estimated to tap six to eight KW of energy.

ANERT director Amit Meena was quoted as saying that the proposed project of installing rooftop solar panels would lead to the generation of about 22 MW of power. The roof top solarisation is part of ANERT’s mission to reduce carbon footprint by utilising renewable energy. As part of the programme, the buildings of police stations, IITs, KSRTC and revenue department would be solarised.

Apart from this, ANERT has also roped in the National Institute of Wind Energy to map the state’s wind energy potential.


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