Robots to sanitise hospitals


A time when hospital authorities are finding it hard to sanitise the hospital and the surroundings, a group of researchers in Ireland has developed a robot that emits Ultraviolet lights to kill bacteria, viruses and other germs from the floors and other surfaces.

Named Robot Violet, the researchers at the trinity college, Ireland, claimed that the ultraviolet rays emitted from the robot could kill the germs, viruses and bacteria. Moreover, the researchers said that that it took only half the time to sanitise a hospital room than the conventional cleaning method.

The Ultra Violet rays are produced from the long tubular system. The long tubular system emits the UV lights that are shot at very short wave lengths. These powerful waves breakdown the DNA in microbes and stop them from replicating. Thus the spread of germs, bacteria and viruses can be stopped, they claimed.

Connor McGinn, who invented the robot, said that the device could clean all the surfaces without any human intervention. He also claimed that the robot was able to disinfect even high-tech equipment.

Ultra Violet rays can damage eyes and the skin. But Robert Violet comes with a range of safety features. If a human being comes in front of it while cleaning, then it automatically shuts down.


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