Robots to help safe distancing at time of Corona

Aimed at reducing the maximum spread of the deadly coronavirus, a government hospital in India is for the first time using a robot for providing medicine and food to the coronavirus patients.

The Sawai Man Singh Hospital government hospital, which is the biggest in Jaipur, Rajasthan, has bought a robot and the trials are going on, according to reports.  The reports would help the doctors, nurses and other staff in treating and providing the coronavirus patients from keeping a safe distance.

An entrepreneur based in Jaipur provided the robot and an expert committee evaluated the performance. The robot will start delivering food and medicines once the report of the expert committee is accepted.  As the chances of the doctors and the paramedical staffs getting infected were higher, the robot was a better option, the doctors said. Despite wearing all protecting gears, the risk is higher, they said.

The humanoid robot uses Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things. Though a robot cannot replace a doctor, it helps in keeping a safe distance in providing necessary things to the patients. The doctors said that the robot can be easily disinfected. The high risk isolation wards can use robots, which is more safe.


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