Road in Kerala named after Pigeon

In a rare gesture, a road in Kasargode district in Kerala has been named after the Orange Breasted Green Pigeon. The road from Kuntangeradka to Bejappe in Kumbla panchayat has been named after it was found that the rare pigeon, which could only be traced in some pockets in Kerala, has made Kidoor, a small village in Kasargode, its habitat.

Kumbla Panchayat Biodiversity Management Committee member Raju Kidoor was quoted in the media as saying that the idea of naming the road was taken after it was seen that many bird watchers used to flock the village. He was also quoted as saying that it was a part of a conservation strategy to protect and preserve the birds and also pass on this to the next generation. He also claimed that it may be the first time in India that a road has been named after a bird whereas it is not new in other places. In the United Kingdom, there are roads after names of birds.

It has been said that this way of naming the road would help in setting an example to build the spirit of conservation among the people.

The Orange Breasted Green Pigeon is a bird that is found across tropical Asia towards to the south of the Himalayas in the Indian Sub continent and South East Asia. The bird feeds only on fruits and also found in pairs.


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