Remains of 300 Nazi prisoners get decent burial after decades


Seven decades after the Second World War, the political prisoners who were executed by the Nazis got a decent burial in Berlin. The tissues of about 300 prisoners that were found at anatomist of Nazi era Hermann Stieve’s property were buried at Dorotheenstadt Cemetery in Berlin.

It was the descendents of Hermann Stieve who found out the microscopic slides in 2016. An anatomy professor at Charite Hospital, Stieve had collaborated with the Nazis and received the bodies for some research.

The tissues less than a millimetre long was concealed in small black boxes. In some boxes names were also inscribed. The tissues are believed to be that of high profile prisoners believed to be jailed in Piotzensee.

Though the small tissues are not considered for a burial, the authorities had decided to give them a burial ground as they had received a proper funeral long time back. Moreover, the relatives of these prisoners could at least know where their dear ones are lying peacefully. Reports said that the burial at Dorotheenstadt Cemetery was chosen as there are many other burial grounds of prisoners nearby.

History says that more than 2500 people were killed in Piotzensee prison by Hitler and many of them were believed to be high profile prisoners.


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