Rejoicing Doctors and others in California


Doctors, nurses and other health workers have been confined in their work stations for weeks with many of them dragged into monotony. The hospitals and others places are filled with gloom and health workers are finding one or the other way in keeping their spirits happy. One such instance at the intensive care unit (ICU) at the Ronald Reagon UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles, California, has drawn the attention of the social media.

They have found a way to get over the monotony. All the staff performs a dance routine whenever a patient is taken off ventilator support. They recently shared the clippings in the twitter.

They said that it was ok for their frontline workers to celebrate. “Yesterday we had 2 patients come off ventilators and breathe on their own! So, we smiled, we danced and took a moment for ourselves,” one of the doctors said in the tweet.

In Twitter, Dr Nida Qadir of the hospital said, “Yes, patients do recover from COVID19 ARDS. And yes, my ICU team does do an extubation dance every time we liberate someone from a Ventilator.”

The video on twitter so far reached an audience of about eight lakh. About 30,000 persons liked the tweet.


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