Recovered Covid 19 people might still be carrying the virus; study

Kerala not for complete Covid lock down; Cases remain high

Once tested negative for Covid 19, people start mingling with family, friends and others in the society. But a new study shows that these people should be more cautious as they could carry the virus even after recovery.

The study that has come up in the Journal of Preventive Medicine said that about 17 per cent of the people who completely recovered from the disease tested positive in follow up screening.

The researchers said that people having sore throat, respiratory issues even after recovery were at higher risk. These people should be cautious of mingling with others.

The researchers found that 17 per cent of the total patients that they screened were those who were considered recovered as per WHO guidelines. All the patients screened for the second time did not show fever or any other health complications or symptoms related to Covid 19. But 17 per cent had virus in their body, the researchers pointed out.

The study noted that a considerable number of recovered patients with Covid 19 could still be asymptomatic carriers of the virus



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