Recite Thirukural and get free petrol

Why Petrol, Diesel Price Hiked Now in India?

A time when Petrol price is nearing Rs 100 a litre, who will not say a big No if petrol is offered free even for half a litre. Yes, the truth is that petrol is fee at a petrol pump in Nagapampalli near Karur in Tamil Nadu but comes with a rider. Half a litre of petrol is free to those whose children recite couplets from Thirukural.

Half litre free petrol is got for reciting ten couplets one litre for 20 couplets. The petrol pump owned by Valluvaur Agencies in Aravakurichi in Nagampalli village introduced this on January 16 to commemorate Thiruvalluvar day. Fuel pump owner K Senguttuvan said that the aim was to build an interest in children for Thriukural, offer is until April 16. Children from class 1 to XI can participate in the offer.


Senguttuvan told the media that children were struck to TV and mobile at the time of Covid 19 pandemic. They waste much of the time and energy. As a bid to channelize their energy in a positive way, he said he came up with the idea.

It is not that the students can avail the opportunity once. They have the chance to avail the opportunity as many times as they want. The only condition is that they have to recite different couplets and not the same couplet.

The petrol owner said that several showed interest. The idea will also help the parents to encourage their children to read and learn Thirukural. Senguttuvan also noted that reading habits is on a decline among children.


The family of Senguttuvan has much love for Thiruvalluvar. His father had named his electric store after Thiruvalluvar in the 1960s.

He also runs a scholarship scheme for undergraduate students in his Valluvar College of Science and Management. The students who recite all the 1,330 couplets of Thirukural will get fee waiver for all three years.  However, there is a condition that the students who win reciting the couplets should visit villages for two Sundays every month to teach Thirukural to rural students.


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