Rainbow messages from children to cheer the Corona World  

“Don’t worry. We will get through this,” these messages were seen on the windows of houses in England in several of the European countries. Children wrote these messages and painted rainbows and posted them in windows to cheer the passersby.

Another post thanked the delivery drivers and postmen. Reports quoting local people said that these were positive sights of life. “All over negative stories are heard. And these cheerful news from our children gives us happy moments,” a local man said. The social media is all full of negative stories.

All these news from our children and the neighbourhood would cheer the people. These activities would be pleasing at a time when all are worried. It helps in thinking positive, the reports quoting people said.

The same is seen happening in the United States also. It is reported that the rainbow concept began in Italy, which has seen the worst catastrophe. The children in Italy wrote “Andra’ Tutto Bene,” which means “everything is going to be okay.”


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