PULSE from NASA to alert against touching face


It was only when coronavirus became a pandemic that everyone thought of the number of times one touches the face. And with the pandemic, people have been asked not to touch the face quite often as it could invite the virus into the body. But touching the face is a difficult habit to break. Now NASA has come up with a wearable that will give an alert when people are about to touch their faces.

The wearable called PULSE can be worn around the neck. Once the hand is raised,  PULSE will vibrate and remind to stop. NASA said in its website that the feedback from a vibration motor simulates a nudge and will remind the wearer to avoid touching the face.  It said that the idea behind PULSE is to help people in curbing the spread of coronavirus. Health experts had already warned that the virus could spread through contact with infected surfaces. Touching the face is of a much risk, they said.

NASA is not selling PULSE but has given instructions to make them. It said that individuals or companies can replicate, enhance or refine PULSE and make it easily available for distribution.


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