Pubs to line God’s Own Country

Who does not want a little enjoyment after work? Kerala seems to be in the threshold of providing the maximum enjoyment for the people, especially those working in the IT field. The state is considering opening up ‘Pubs’ just like in Goa for making the people merry after their office works.

Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan in his weekly TV show “ Naam Munnottu” has said that the government would look forward to opening Pubs, especially for the people working in the IT field. Stating that the government was seriously considering the option to open pubs, he said that they have been criticised for the lack of such pubs.

During the TV show, he said that many reports have pointed out that the employees in the IT sector and others had only a few options for merriment in the state after their hard working hours.

Apart from opening Pubs, Vijayan said that the Kerala Beverages Corporation (Bevco) outlets would be revamped. Moreover, the government was also looking to set up super market style liquor outlets across the state where customers can go for the brands of their choice.

After coming to power in 2016, the Left Democratic Front has set its own liquor policy and had deviated from the policy taken by the United Democratic Front. The LDF had always maintained that they were for voluntary abstinence and not in favour of alcohol prohibition.


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