Psychological control of kids leads problems in Adulthood; Study 


Do you try to constantly try to psychologically control your kids? Then it is going to bring in problems in social relationships and difficulties in educational attainment when they become adults, especially when they reach the age of 32. A study from the University of Virginia has come up with this revelation.

The Child Development journal published the findings. Lead author of the study Emily Loeb said that psychological control of children at an earlier age will create more than a temporary setback for adolescent development. This is because parental control interferes with the key task of developing autonomy at a critical period, Loeb said.

The researchers warned that the attempts of parents, teachers and others to control the children will only stunt their growth. Earlier studies have also found that psychological control as a problematic parenting behaviour. The Parents control their children through intrusive and manipulative means such as withdrawing love when they are angry or making the child feel guilty for upsetting them. It has been found that children whose parents had been controlling in such a manner had issues such as lower esteem, lower grades. This is because children are discouraged from gaining independence and asserting themselves.

The researchers are said to have followed 184 youth from ages 13 to 32. The youth were from all backgrounds — urban and suburban areas in the South-eastern United States. Among the youth, half were men and the other half were women.

The participants were asked to fill out questionnaires regarding their parents, adulthood, their relationship status and level of education. Information was also collected from each youth’s peers about how well-liked the teen was in school. The study found that the children who were over controlled by parents at the age of 13 had less supportive relationship by the age of 27, lower education attainment and lower risk of a relationship at the age of 32.

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