Doctors, Scientists World’s Most Trustworthy Professions

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Is it the politicians, doctors teachers or scientists the most trustworthy professional? In a survey, IPSOS, the global marketers, reveal that doctors and scientists are the most trust worthy professions in the world.

The 2022 IPSOS Global Trustworthiness Indexacross 28 countries said that 59 per cent of the participants rated doctors as trustworthy. Apart from this, 57 per cent say the same about scientists. Then comes teachers, who had 52 per cent of trust. As in early years, IPSOS says that politicians are considered the least trustworthy with just twelve per cent having some trust on them. They are followed by government ministers (16 per cent) and advertising executives (18 per cent)


The Spanish are the most likely across the world to have much trust in doctors with 71 per cent registering their trust. They are also held in the same esteem in Mexico (70 per cent) and the Netherlands (69 per cent).

However, the index shows that the level of trust in doctors and scientists has fallen slightly compared with their pandemic-driven high scores in 2021. It said that the trust fell in Great Britain, which was the most trusting nation in 2021: 66% consider them trustworthy, down from 72% in 2021.

The IPSOS said that the trust in doctors in Hungary fell by 21 percentage points between 2021 and 2022, after rising by 19 points between 2019 and 2020. Similarly, in Poland, the IPSOS said that trust fell sixteen points between 2021 and 2022 (from 55% to 39%) after rising by 12 points between 2019 and 2021. Italy, Turkey and Malaysia saw a drop of 11-point drop in trust in doctors. In the United States, the IPSOS noted a fall of 10 points.


Chinese (712 per cent) trust the scientists most. Then comes Mexico and Spain where 70 per cent said they have full faith in scientists. Meanwhile, Japanese are least likely to consider them trustworthy (37 percent), followed by South Africans (44%), Poles (48%) and South Koreans (49%).


The third trusted profession has 52 per cent rating. The countries that find them most trustworthy are China (66%), Brazil (64%) and Chile (63%). However, Japanese, South Korean and Polish people are least likely to think this (17%, 31% and 34%).


As in earlier years, politicians, government ministers and advertising executives are the least trustworthy professions. In 2022, 12 per cent of Global Country Average rate politicians as trustworthy. Sixteen per cent of the people say the same for government ministers and 18 per cent for ad executives. These scores are in line with those recorded last year.


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