Porsche Unveils 911 S/T: A Special Edition Marking 60 Years of 911

Porsche commemorates the legendary 911's 60th anniversary by introducing the limited edition 911 S/T.

Porsche commemorates the legendary 911’s 60th anniversary by introducing the limited edition 911 S/T. Paying homage to the historic ST moniker, previously used for race-bred versions of the 911 S, the 911 S/T is a remarkable fusion of GT3 Touring and GT3 RS technologies. Porsche engineers at Weissach have meticulously crafted this special edition, combining performance, design, and heritage in one exceptional package.

Unique Blend of GT3 Touring and GT3 RS Technologies

The heart of the 911 S/T lies in its potent 4.0-liter flat-six engine, capable of producing 525bhp, and paired with a short-ratio manual gearbox. Borrowed from the acclaimed GT3 RS, this engine is a powerhouse, propelling the 911 S/T to 100kmph in an astounding 3.7 seconds, with a top speed of 300kmph. Furthermore, the car features a new lightweight clutch and single-mass flywheel, reducing rotating mass by 10.5kg, resulting in even quicker engine response.

To enhance its road-focused performance, Porsche has equipped the 911 S/T with a double-wishbone front-axle suspension and a multi-link rear axle, omitting rear-axle steering seen in other 911 models. This configuration ensures precise handling and an exhilarating driving experience.

Heritage Design Package and Lightweight Features

Customers have the option to select the Heritage Design Package, drawing inspiration from the classic 911 S (ST) of the 1960s and 1970s. Notably, weight reduction is a key element in the 911 S/T’s design. The bonnet, roof, front wings, and doors are constructed using Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic, a lightweight material known for its strength. Additionally, the car features magnesium wheels and lightweight glass, enhancing both performance and the sensory experience for the driver.

Unlike the GT3 models that prioritize racetrack aerodynamics, the 911 S/T has been optimized for road use, maintaining an elegant appearance without the extensive aero bits. The striking 20-inch front and 21-inch rear centre-locking magnesium wheels add to the vehicle’s allure.

This remarkable edition is limited to only 1,963 units, commemorating the year when the original 911 S (ST) was first unveiled. Porsche enthusiasts and collectors alike are sure to covet this unique celebration of the iconic 911’s enduring legacy.


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