Pork from the Lab is not that far

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The world is going to eat pork meat from the laboratory, if all the research of developing meat in the lab gets succeeded. A group of Dutch researchers are on the venture of making the meat in the laboratory and thus saving the sin of killing the animals.

Utrecht University veterinary science professor Bernard Roelen said that they were in the process of replacing the process of harvesting meat from livestock. He opined that keeping the animals just for eating them was not good for the earth.

On the demand for such lab prepared meat, the professor believed that there would be much demand. Some people may have issues with it. But the majority may use it, he said. Most of the food that is eaten is processed, he added.

Apart from the Dutch researchers, experiments are going on in the US to see if meat could be grown for the astronauts during their long space missions.

The research of making meat i the lab is only in the initial stages. Rolen and his fellow researchers have only managed to grow thin layers of cells which bear no resemblance to pork chops.

In the process of developing meat, the researchers first isolate muscle stem cells that are capable to grow and multiply. Under stimulation process, the cells are made to grow. But all these are only in the initial stages and would take some more years.




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