Political parties toil to overrule a naked violation

Naked violation of the rules was quite evident but still all the political parties have lined up with the Kerala government for exploring ways to prevent the demolition of the Four Flats at Maradu in Kochi, which was ordered to be grounded by the Supreme Court.

Though the ruling CPM, Opposition Congress and other parties were for taking legal route to prevent the demolition, the CPI, a major constituent of the ruling Front,  had voiced for the demolition of the four structures. CPI state secretary Kanam Rajendran is reported to have told the meeting that if the government could go ahead with implementing Supreme Court verdict on Sabarimala, then why the same court order could not be implemented in Maradu flat demolition case.

The government as well the political parties is said to have taken a decision on the Maradu issue at the fastest pace when they (all previous governments included) are alleged to have taken no decision on the housing and land issues related to the poor and tribals. The Environmentalists with whom indianflash talked said that the government and the political parties had not shown any sympathy towards the people who were shunted out of their homes at Moolampilly in Kochi. In Chengara also, the tribals are yet to get the promised land.

They also said if the government goes against the Supreme Court verdict and tried to prevent demolition, it would only create precedence for others who have violated the environment and CRZ norms. They also noted that the government and other political parties by way of trying to prevent the illegal construction was only paving the way for legalising other illegal constructions.

They also doubted the real intention behind the humanitarian stand taken by the various political parties towards the flat owners and being silent on the builders and the officials, who are the real culprits.

Apart from taking legal course, the all party meet also decided to approach the Centre, who could invoke special powers to give concessions in such issues as per the Environment Protection Act.


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