Plant Extract to help Vitamin absorption



A major concern related to oral Vitamin B 12 Therapy is that its absorption is difficult for people having gastrointestinal diseases and anemia. But there is good news now with the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research – Central Institute of Medicine and Aromatic Plants (CSIR-CIMP) identifying a plant extract that has been proved to enhance absorption of the Vitamin.

The CSIR-CIMP) has not yet revealed the name of the plant because of Intellectual Property Right Issue. However, the researchers have hinted that the plant is widely used in Ayurveda and traditional system of medicines.

On the plant extract, the researchers say that they have not come across any oral sub acute toxicity at high doses in animal models. CSIR-CIMP) molecular Bioprospection Departmental head Mahendra P Darokar was quoted in the media as saying that the capsule form of oral formulation has been developed.

He   said that the formulation released Vitamin B 12in controlled manner. It is pH dependant that helps the patient to bypass the acidic gastric environment in the intestine.  Moreover, the extract also reduces dosing frequency. However, the researchers maintained that more studies and trial are needed before the formulation is commercially made available.


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