Philippines testing efficacy of virgin coconut oil against coronavirus

The Philippines has started studying the efficacy of virgin coconut oil to improve the condition of confirmed Covid-19 patients, as hundreds of trials are going around the world to find a cure for the deadly disease.

The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) has taken the initiative for the study in the country which is known for the extensive use of coconut and coconut oil for centuries.

Health official said the virgin coconut oil was being used as a supplement to the diets of people who have tested positive for the deadly virus. The DOST approved and allocated funds for the project that would allow University of the Philippines Manila and 22 hospitals to participate in a “multicenter trial” that will provide data on the efficacy of candidate anti-viral drugs to Filipinos infected with COVID-19.

Philippines and Japan have also started initial arrangements for the potential testing of Japanese flu drug Avigan to treat COVID-19 patients. To promote innovation, the President offered P50 million as a reward to any Filipino who can develop a vaccine against coronavirus.


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