Personal health device from IIT Madras to revolutionise health sector


With no let p in covid-19 cases and people looking out more for small, affordable and clinically accurate devices for monitoring heath parameters such as temperature, respiration rate, heart rate and oxygen saturation, a healthcare Startup at IIT Madras has come up with home grown devices to government and private hospitals.

Named OXY2, the device developed by IIT Madras and HELYXON is small, affordable, portable and wireless. They can be clipped on to a person’s finger and the data can be streamed to a computer or a mobile through Bluetooth.

The device has only a coin cell battery. This serves as a replacement for large monitors used in hospitals. The price is also affordable. This is not the first time that such devises have come up in the market after the coronavirus pandemic. However, the IIT personnel who developed the device claim that their equipment gives accurate figures. Another thing is that the doctor can monitor the patient’s temperature, hear beat, respiration rate, heart rate and oxygen saturation from a remote place. There is no need for the doctor to be physically present near the patient.

The price ranges between Rs.2500 to Rs 10,000, depending on the configuration of the device. Moreover, there is an option to fix a threshold to the parameters and notification is sent to the patients mobile if there is a breach of the measurements.



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