Perfumes with AI tag

Perfumes with unimaginable fragrance with a pinch of Artificial Intelligence, this is what Swiss fragrance manufacturer Givaudan has for you. The much acclaimed fragrance makers have developed an Artificial Intelligence System in their perfume making process that is going to revolutionise the whole industry.

The company introduced Carto, a computer developed with AI system and a robot coupled in it, which could come up with unimaginable fragrance. Carto encompasses science and technology. It is designed so as to maximise the olfactive performance in the final formula.

President of Fragrance Division at Givaudan Maurizio Volpi told the media that they were committed to drive digital innovation in fragrances. He said that the system brought together physico-chemical science and technology to maximise the use of palette of ingredients. Moreover, the experimentation is also simple, he added. The president said that Carto was deployed at all their fragrance creative centres.

Perfumer and Director of Givaudan Perfumery School Calice Becker said that Carto could help in a great way. It helps in greater experimentation. It also helps in dosing the perfumes in the best creative way. Becker was part of the project since the beginning.


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