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People’s campaign for fighting natural calamities


The people in Kerala are being equipped for dealing with natural calamities and also being prepared for rebuilding exercises. A people’s campaign called “We, For US,” is set to be launched by the Kerala Government soon.

The office of the Kerala Chief Minister said that the campaign would be designed for equipping the people to face any natural calamity and to make corrections in the existing policies and perspectives. They said that the local bodies should have to come up community and local based projects on disaster management.

As part of the project, MAPATHON or state level map would be taken up. The local map would have complete details of all places. The map would be prepared with the help of the local people. It would have details about the vegetative, physical infrastructure and natural resources of a region. With all details on a local map, the officials think that it would be easy to monitor and prepare for flood related issues and also rehabilitation activities.

The maps will be created online with the participation of the people and any person having a computer and a good network can be part of this. Everyone can identify their places and mark them in the map and the data can be easily accessed.



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