People with Higher Testosterone and Growth Hormone likely to have prostate cancer


A new study has revealed that men having higher levels of free testosterone and growth hormone are more likely to be analysed for prostate cancer. Cancer The prostatereport was presented at the NCRI cancer Convention, 2019.

Though old age, family history and ethnicity were considered to increase the risk of prostate cancer, it is the first time that the two factors have been identified to have an increased risk of the cancer. The study was done by researchers at the Nuffield Department of Population health, University of Oxford.  Associate professor Dr Ruth Travis and Research fellow Ellie Watts were the two had done a comprehensive study on this.

For the study, 2,00,452  men were selected. All these men were not having cancer when they were first tested. The researchers followed these men for about seven years. Of these, 5,412 cases of prostate cancer cases were detected and 296 deaths recorded due to the same.

It was found that the men having higher concentrations of the two hormones were found to have a higher chance for prostate cancer.

Travis was quoted in the media as saying though they could not tell why these factors are linked but it was a fact that testosterone played a major role in the normal growth and function of prostate.


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