People with Blood type ‘O’ less risky to Covid-19

Omicron Survives Eight Days in Plastic, 21 Hrs In Skin

One might have wondered why Covid19 is lethal for some and not for others. Well, a new study now sheds light on this. The study claims that people with blood type ‘O’ may have a lower risk of Covid-19 infection and also reduced likelihood of severe outcomes.

The journal Blood Advances published the study. Though the study has come out, the researchers of the study maintain that more study was needed to understand the relation between blood type and the impact of the virus. The study analysed data from as many as 4.73 lakh people tested for the Virus,

Among those who tested positive for the Virus, there were fewer people with blood type O and more people with A, B, and AB types.  But there was not much difference in the A, B, and AB types.

Meanwhile, another similar study in Canada revealed the same. They said that people with blood groups A or AB appeared to exhibit greater COVID-19 disease severity than people with O or B blood groups. The study analysed data from 95 critically ill patients hospitalised in Vancouver.

They also found that patients with blood group A and AB required dialysis for kidney failure. Considering the two studies, health experts point out that people with A, and AB blood group have an increased risk of organ dysfunction or failure due to COVID-19, compared to people with blood types O or B.


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