People with A blood group have higher chance of Covid-19 infections: study

The blood type of a person is also crucial in the infection of Covid-19, if a recent study done on the patients in China is an indication.

The study which analyzed blood samples from nearly 2,200 patients and tens of thousands of healthy people showed that persons with `A’ blood types had a higher risk of infection compared to other blood groups. Similarly, those with O blood types had a significantly lower risk, according to the news reports on the study. It was found that the variation in the risk element happened due to certain antibodies in the blood.

The study may be helpful to the healthcare personnel as they need to take extra care in the case of those having blood group A. Also it would help the healthy people to take extra protection against the infection, if their blood type is A.

Also, people with A blood types might require “more vigilant surveillance and aggressive treatment,” and identifying a person’s blood type as a routine part of treating coronavirus infections might be helpful, according to the researchers.

The researchers pointed out that the information would be helpful for the medical professionals. But they said, it should not be a cause for panic for the ordinary people as the study did not prove that all with blood A would get the infection.

They have asked the people to take extra care like washing of the hands and keeping distance from the infected persons.


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