People stick to Jobs in US for healthcare Insurance

The workers in the United States are sticking on to the jobs they might otherwise quit for fear of losing employer-sponsored health insurance, according to a new study.  The West Health Gall Up Survey showed that one out of every six adult workers stick to their jobs for this advantage only.

The survey found that the Black workers fear the most. They are 50 per cent more likely to remain in unwanted jobs than their White and Hispanic counterparts. They found that the most likely people to stay in a job they would rather quit are those whose earnings are less than 48,000 dollars a year. They come to about three in ten people. As per the Congressional Research Service report, 37 per cent of the U.S households earned less than 50,000 dollars in 2019. In the US, about 158 million people have health insurance through their employer or via the employer of a household member.

Costly healthcare 

West Health chief strategy officer Tim Lash said that healthcare cost in the United States us higher. As such, no one wants to quit the job and risk insurance coverage.

The survey points out that about 135 million people are worried that they will eventually be priced out of healthcare if they are not already. More than half of the participants said that they are “concerned” or “very concerned” the cost of healthcare services and prescription drugs will become unaffordable. More Americans are worried of rising healthcare costs than losing one’s home.

Majorities Want Government Action 

A majority of the respondents want the government to play a pivotal role in healthcare. They think that the government has a bigger role in lowering healthcare costs regardless of their political affiliation, racial background, or type of insurance.

About three quarters of the respondents favour-setting limits on increase of prescription drug price (77 per cent). They also want capping hospital prices in areas with few or no other hospitals (76 per cent). Apart from this, they also want the government to negotiate lower prices for some high cost drugs without lower-priced alternatives (74 per cent).

About 65 per cent of the surveyors want the government to place limits on prices for out-of-network care.

Meanwhile, Gallup senior researcher Dan Witters said most Americans are supportive of an elevated government role in curtailing rising health costs.

West Health is a non-profit and nonpartisan organisations dedicated to lowering healthcare costs to enable successful aging.

Gallup delivers analytics and advice to help leaders and organizations solve their most pressing problems.


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