Parents of today are smarter than their predecessors

Have you ever realised that millennial parents are smarter than their predecessors? This is true as per the new study. The new survey by a United States technology company claims that the present day parents are smarter.

The study says that the present day parents are educated, well informed and ambitious. They focus on the overall well being and development of their children in a conscious way. The parents also have vast resources and they are aware of what will work.

The survey also pointed out that millennial parents are better aware of what is good for their child’s health than their predecessors. The survey also found that most of the parents are moving away from plastic storages to glass or steel as part of health consciousness. Moreover, foods are also cooked in steel and copper utensils. The parents are aware of the harmful effects of plastics more than their predecessors.

Apart from this, the millennial parents are also encouraging steel or glass water bottles and lunch boxes. The parents are also aware of what they feed their children. Moreover, the children are also exposed to different cuisines.

With internet distracting the children from physical activities, the present day parents try to include more physical activities.




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