Pandas mate after maintaining social distancing for more than ten years


After social distancing for more than ten years, two giant pandas at the Ocean Park Zoo in Hong Kong have finally mated at the time of coronavirus lockdown, a rejoicing time for the conservationists.

With quarantine and lockdown, Le Le and Ying Ying have at last got some privacy. The two pandas have been in the same enclosure since 2007. However, they never felt to mate.  Ocean Park Director of Zoological Operations Michael Boos told the media that they were extremely thrilled. The director said that the chance of pregnancy through natural mating was high.

The zoo authorities said that they would know if Ying Ying is pregnant until late June. They also said that natural mating was a good sign. They noted that the pandas were both showing behaviours consistent with the breeding season. They were playing in the waters and leaving scent marks.

While the male Panda is sexually mature at seven years, the female panda is mature by five years.  Le Le and Ying Ying are both now 14 years old.


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