Thursday, June 8, 2023
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CSIR is on top of research table

The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) is on top of the Nature Ranking Index-2020. The ranking is based on total research output...
Internet And The American way Of Life

India’s online civility goes down: Microsoft

Online users always fear bullying, especially in the social media and India is no exception. A new research shows that unwanted sexting, unwanted contact,...
breast size

Majority of women unhappy with their breast size

Are women happy with their breast Size? Some say they have small breasts and some say they have a large breast. Generally a majority...

Giant Baby Planet near to Earth discovered

  A group of researchers from Rochester Institute of Technology has discovered a newborn massive planet that is closer to Earth than any other similar...


  For K Jayalakshmi, the sole breadwinner in her family and studying in Class XI, it is dream come true when she got an invitation...

Solar Orbiter to lift off in February

  The scientists will soon be able to have a good look of the poles of the Sun and also solve many of the mysteries...

New Lithium batteries to make your phone run five days

Imagine your phone having a battery that charges continuously for five days or an electric vehicle with a battery that does not drain till...
Space gaganyaan

Idli and chikcken Biryani to be Gaganyaan travellers favourite dishes

  For breakfast, it can be idli or Upma. One can also choose between vegetarian pulao and chicken biryani with mixed vegetables or a curry...

India crosses 300 mark in placing foreign satellites into orbit

India on Wednesday crossed the mark of launching more than 300 foreign satellites into the orbitisr with the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle-XL (PSLV-XL) successfully...
Health Niti aayog

A New Healthy India roadmap for high quality care

Aimed at providing affordable and high quality healthcare for all citizens, India has come out with a roadmap for transforming the health system in...