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Women Representation gets the Spending More

Despite a Large Force, Women’s Voice Still Unheard

Women, who are nearly twice as likely as men to lose their jobs during the Covd 19 pandemic crisis, are unheard and never become...
Better The Diet For A Relaxed Mind

Covid 19; Women’s Nutrition Face Serious Challenges in India

The Covid 19 lockdown 2020 in India caused disruptions that negatively impacted women's nutrition, according to a new study by the Tata-Cornell Institute for...
Gig Economy, A Hope For Indian Women

Gig Economy, A Hope For Indian Women

Covid 19, no doubt, affected all sections of people and women were the worst hit. Joining the other countries, India also saw its women...
Involving More Women Helps in More Climatic Benefits

Fewer Women To Regain Jobs lost To Covid

Women are the worst hit in Covid 19 pandemic, especially when looking at the job sector. Fewer women will regain jobs lost to the...
Women Prisoners Increase in 20 Years

Women Prisoners Increase in 20 Years

Prisoners across the world increased by more than 25 per cent and one in every three prisoners are held without trial, according to a...
Women Leadership; Glass Panes yet to get broken

Women Leadership; Glass Panes Yet To Be Broken

A large number of high-profile women leaders have been in the spotlight globally for their service during the time of Covid 19. However, women...
Mopping Indoors Bring in More Airborne Particles

Covid 19; Women Migrants In India Faced The Worst

Women migrants in India were the worst hit during Covid 19 pandemic, with majority of them facing the double burden of earning a livelihood...
Better The Diet For A Relaxed Mind

Indian Women Limited Food Intake During Covid

More than one in ten women in India "limited their food intake or ran out of food" during the Covid 19 lockdown n 2020....
India See an Increase in Women Researchers

India See an Increase in Women Researchers

India saw an increase of women science leaders over a period of two years with a four per cent increase in women researchers, said...
How Many People Succeeded in Reducing Weight

Covid 19; Obese men are at higher risk than women

Obesity and Covid 19 have some relation and researchers claim that overweight is a risk factor for Covid 19 people. Well, a new study found...