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Why Petrol, Diesel Price Hiked Now in India?

Why Petrol, Diesel Price Hiked Now in India?

India saw a hike of petrol and diesel prices by 80 paisa a litre each on March 25, which was the third...
Ten Points To Overcome Fuel Crisis

Ten Points To Overcome Fuel Crisis

With Ukraine war resulting in lower supplies to oil markets ahead of peak demand season, the International Energy Agency has come up...
Save the Children's global survey highlights hunger as the top concern for children worldwide, emphasizing the urgency of the hunger crisis intensified by the climate crisis, conflict, and COVID-19. While adults prioritize hunger, children at COP28 stress the profound impact of climate change on their future

“We do Not Know Where the Next meal Comes; Syrians

Eleven years after the Syrian conflict began, six in ten Syrians do not know where their next meal is coming from, said...
EU's New Restrictions Against Russia; What Are the Sanctions?

Ukaraine War; Are Americans Willing To Enlist In Foreign Armies? 

Even as the United States is not for sending troops to Ukraine, are the Americans willing to join the Ukraine Military as...
Zaporizhzhia; What effects in A Nuclear Accident?

Zaporizhzhia; What effects in A Nuclear Accident?  

What are the effects of a Nuclear Power accident or a blast? This question gains significance as Russian troops bombed and seized Ukraine's Zaporizhzhia...
Women Lack Equal Economic Opportunity

Women Lack Equal Economic Opportunity  

Around 2.4 billion women of working age across the world do not get equal economic opportunity and 178 countries maintain legal barriers that prevent...
Addressing common misconceptions, experts clarify that there is no conclusive evidence supporting natural changes in penis length and girth as individual’s age. Certain conditions related to aging, such as obesity or prostate surgery, may influence the perception of decreased penis length.

War; Older People at Heightened Risk of Abuse

As Russia launched a major invasion of Ukraine, reports of people leaving major cities to safer places are coming out. Well, the young might...
Myanmar Military Brings Country Into Perpetual Human Rights Crisis

Brisk Arms Sale During Covid Times

Amidst Covid 19 pandemic, the arms sales across the world did not see any slowing down with a new report by Stockholm International Peace...
More women Unsafe during COVID 19

More women Unsafe during COVID 19

About one in four women feel unsafe at home as conflict within households increased between adults since the COVID19 pandemic started, points out a...
Quitting smoking is undeniably challenging, but the rewards f smoke free life brings to your health are immense. This analysis explores the pivotal health advantages of bidding farewell to smoking

Worsening Tobacco Use To Kill More

In the past 30 years, the world saw more than 200 million deaths from smoking and the annual economic costs exceed one trillion dollars....