Over 6 lakh received CMDRF relief in Kerala

Kerala CM writes to 11 CMs for pressuring Centre on Covid 19 Vaccine

Over six and a half lakh people in Kerala got relief from the Chief Minister’s Disaster Relief Fund (CMDRF) in the last five years. The government sanctioned an amount of Rs 952.87 crore for treatment and assistance to distressed families.

A total of  6,74,024 people received assistance ranging from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 5 lakh at various stages.

The total assistance from the Chief Minister’s Disaster Relief Fund (CMDRF) stood at Rs 5,571.87 crore until Tuesday, February 22. The Government provided assistance to the tune of Rs 4619 for victims of Ockhi cyclone, Flood and Covid. The UDF government had only given only Rs 802.79 crore in the five years that they were in power.

The government received 7,27,269 applications as part of CMDRF. Of this, 6,74,024 persons got the assistance. The beneficiaries got the assistance directly to their bank account. The beneficiaries include the seriously ill, those injured in accidents and other injuries, dependents of those who died in accidents, those whose homes were destroyed in fires, small businesses that are not insured and those who lost their fishing gear in the storm.

At the request of the Chief Minister, the government received Rs 523.48 crore as assistance for Covid 19 and Rs 4912 crore as flood relief for 2018-19. The total income including salary challenge was ‌ 5435.48 crore.

The Government sanctioned Rs 729.13 crore for tackling Covid 19 pandemic in CMDRF. For free food grain supply, the government provided Rs 350 crore

The government provided an amount of Rs 2264.25 crore for the people who lost homes and land in the floods of 2018. The persons who stayed in camps during the flods received an assistance of Rs 457.58 crore.


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